Ministry of Labour notifies provisions regarding constitution of Central Advisory Board under Code of Wages

Parliamentary panel calls for tracking movement of migrant workers for better relief disbursement

22 December 2020: The parliamentary panel on home affairs has put out a report titled Management of covid-19 pandemic and related issues, recommending that the Central government create a national database of migrant workers and set up a mechanism to track and monitor the movement of migrant workers throughout the country in real-time to improve disbursal of ration/supplies and other basic relief measures. The report recommends that the ministry of home affairs should coordinate with the concerned central ministries and the governments of states and Union Territories so that they can offtake the required rations/supplies from the central board, FCI (Food Corporation of India) godowns accordingly, without any delay.

Ministry of Labour notifies provisions regarding constitution of Central Advisory Board under Code of Wages

21 December 2020: The Ministry of Labour and Employment has notified provisions for the constitution of a Central Advisory Board under the Code on Wages which will consist of the representatives of employers and employees, independent persons, and five representatives of State governments which will be appointed by the central government. One-third of the members are to be women and a member will be appointed as the chairperson of the board by the central government. The Board will advise the Centre on issues relating to the fixation or revision of minimum wages and other matters related to the Wage Code, however, it will regulate its own procedures including those of the committees and sub-committees.

Niti Aayog aims to increase private companies’ role in India’s health surveillance

14 December 2020: In a white paper published on Vision 2035, Niti Aayog has recommended enhancing private sector involvement in public health surveillance given the minimal involvement of private companies in disease surveillance at present. It stated that institutions will have to be tasked and funded in order to ensure continuous quality improvement, but it didn’t address questions regarding how different circumstances, diseases and levels of care will determine profitable private sector involvement.

Meghalaya: State promulgates law to restrict entry of migrant workers in the state

07 December 2020: The Meghalaya Cabinet approved the draft rules of the Meghalaya Identification, Registration (Safety & Security) of Migrant Workers Rule 2020 aiming to regulate the unbridled entry of migrant labourers. As per the draft rules, every migrant worker will have to register himself/herself and obtain a separate registration card which will be valid for up to 179 days. Additionally, each person engaging or employing any migrant worker will be held responsible for their registration as per the new Act and its component rules, the violation of which will be punishable by fine.

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