Haryana: Government to open 100 more kisan-mazdoor canteens offering meals for Rs.10

Haryana: Government to open 100 more kisan-mazdoor canteens offering meals for Rs.10

15 April 2022: The Haryana government has said it is going to open community kitchens called ‘Atal Kisan-Mazdoor Canteens’ in 100 more locations across the state, amongst which 50 will become functional within 3 months. These canteens are run by the labour department and serve people lunch for Rs. 10. There are presently 9 such canteens in the whole state, the first of which was started in December 2019 in Karnal’s New Anaj Mandi.

Centre to collect data on inadequacy of representation of SC/Sts in government jobs

14 April 2022: The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has asked all Union Ministries and Departments to collect quantifiable data regarding the “inadequacy of representation of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes” for their respective cadres for the purpose of properly implementing the policy of reservation in promotions. This follows a judgement of the Supreme Court on January 28, 2022 where it refused to review its stance regarding the absolute necessity of quantifiable data for proper implementation of reservations in promotion.

Delhi: Labour department revises cess meant for building and construction workers’ welfare after 16 years

07 April 2022: The labour department of Delhi government has revised the formula for the calculation of labour cess on construction activities 16 years after it was first levied in 2006. The cess will now be calculated as per construction costs fixed by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) in 2021. The government had been levying cess based on the rates fixed by the CPWD in 2006 which were revised multiple times since then.

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