Uttar Pradesh government forces Aanganwadi workers aged 62 and above to retire overnight

17 June 2020: Citing a 2012 order the Uttar Pradesh government has forced Aanganwadi and mini Aanganwadi workers aged 62 and above to retire across the 62 districts of the state. Apart from the arbitrariness of the move the decision has been found to be bad in law. The 2012 order states that the services of aged Aanganwadi workers can only be terminated if they are found to be unfit to work after a medical test. No medical test was carried out in the present case. Furthermore, the order being cited is itself contentious as it was invalidated by the Allahabad High Court in a 2013 order wherein the High Court had order the government to frame new frame rules pertaining to the selection of workers under the (ICDS) scheme.

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