Government imposes Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on 20 lakh striking workers

Maharashtra: Over 900 employees at Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd., await salaries for last 22 months

25 February 2019: Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. at Pune which was declared a sick industry in the year 1997 has not paid salaries of over 900 workers for the last 22 months since June, 2017. Employees have been receiving 25% of their basic salary (around ₹5000-8000 per month) as wages despite the PSU generating revenue of ₹42 crores in production last year.

Telangana: Contract teachers denied hiked wages despite government orders

11 February 2019: The expert committee constituted in 2018 by the education department of Telangana government had recommended an increase of 75% from current ₹475 per hour to ₹700 per hour in the remuneration of guest lecturers and a monthly salary of ₹43,000 for teachers employed on contract basis respectively. Furthermore, a 3% annual hike in wages was also proposed. Taking into consideration these recommendations a government order (GO) was released on 4 April 2018. However, the GO has not been implemented till date.

Assam: Hindustan Paper Corporation workers approach National Human Rights Commission against government apathy

6 February 2019: The workers of Nagaon and Cachar Paper mills of Hindustan Paper Corporation have approached National Human Rights Commission against non-payment of wages for the last 25 months at Cachar and over 23 months at the Nagaon unit.

Furthermore, provident fund and life insurance contributions that were deducted from workers’ wages have not been deposited in their account since 2015.

Uttar Pradesh: Government imposes Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on 20 lakh striking workers

6 February 2019: Over 20 lakh government workers went on strike against Uttar Pradesh government’s new pension scheme which has hiked worker’s share in the scheme by 4% while wages remain unchanged. To contain worker’s protest the government imposed the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on 4 February 2019. However, the government employees refused to report to work. The strike was subsequently called off after the Allahabad High Court on 7 February 2019 declared the strike illegal.

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