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Workplace Safety Watch – January 2022

1 January: S. Kumar (38), P.Periyasami (65), S.veerakumar(40) and S. Murugesan(35), died, and eight other workers were injured in a blast in the R.K.M.V fireworks factory at Kalathur in Virudhunagar district. The incident happened in the morning when they were mixing chemicals.  Police have booked the fireworks unit owner, and the labour department has suspended the license of the factory.

2 January,: Kanai Chandra Santra(54) was killed after a fire broke out at a paint factory in Kaikhali, Kolkata. Chemicals stored in the factory caused the fire to spread quickly and engulf the adjacent factory which manufactured garments for kids.

2 January,: Eklash Nazir Shaikh(27), died after a bundle of steel rods fell on his head at the metro shed near Nashik Phata, Pune. Metro construction in the city has been mired in accidents due to lack safety gears.

3 January: 5 workers, Sanjay, Bijendra Baganwala, Toofan Singh, Dinesh Dutt and Dharambir died and several others were injured due to a landslide at the Dadam mining site owned by Govardhan Mines. In 2021, Govardhan mines was accused of illegal mining in the area. National Green Tribunal has asked the centre to submit a report on illegal mining in the area where the Supreme Court has already imposed a ban on demolition activities.

5 January: Anand Kumar Dixit(53), died after being mowed down by a truck at Sirpur Paper Mills Limited. Earlier, two workers were severely injured by a transformer explosion at the company premises.

5 January: Border Roads Organisation’s (B.R.O.) construction worker, Madan Lal, died, and 26 others were severely injured when the iron shuttering of an under-construction bridge collapsed on them in Samba district, Jammu & Kashmir.

5 January: K Kasi (40), K Senthilkumar (35), S Ayyammal(48), and M Muniyasamy(48), died, and five other workers were injured in a blast at the Solai firecracker unit near Sattur in Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu. Police have arrested the owner and the labour department cancelled the license of the factory.

6 January: Three migrant workers died while 3 workers were sustained severe injuries when a wall collapsed on them at a construction site. They were constructing a new wall over an dilapidated existing structure of Plastocon Pvt. Ltd. Police have filed a case of death due to negligence.

6 January: Six workers died, and 23 more workers were hospitalised after a chemical gas leak incident in Surat. The gas leak was caused by illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals in the Sachin creek by a Mumbai based chemical company.

6 January: Ramesh Kumar(20), a migrant worker from Basti, Uttar Pradesh, died when a metal scrap fell on his head while working at a scrapyard in Gurugram, Haryana. Police have booked the owner and manager of the scrapyard unit under Indian Penal Code.

9 January: Sravan, a construction worker, died of electrocution at a construction site in Siddipet, Telangana. The steel bar he was working with came in contact with the overhead live electric wires

11 January: Two migrant workers, Bharat Patel(50), from Chhattisgarh and Pushpa Bai( 35) from Bihar, were killed after a wall caved in on them while they were working at an under-construction building in NOIDA. Two other workers sustained injury.

20 January: Three Migrant workers from Rajasthan, Jagdish Suthar(20), Praveen Suthar(18) and Kannaram Suthar(27), died in a major fire that broke out at Soumya Processing Mill at Palsana G.I.D.C. area where they were employed as carpenters. Police arrested the Director of the mill, Anupam Agarwal and two other employees.

21 January: Malkhan (28) and Guddu (42) were buried alive after soil caved in on them while working at an under-construction building in Sector 56, Gurugram.

22 January: Rajmal Sangada (19), a contract worker employed by the Surat Municipal Corporation was killed in a mudslide while working on expanding the drainage network line in the city.

29 January: Paan Singh and Lakhan Singh migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh died of electrocution after coming in contact with 11 K.V. main line wires when they were painting the premises of a private company in IMT Manesar.

30 January: Shyamnath Kashyap (22) and Sunny Prajapati (23) died while another worker Mohit sustained critical burn injuries after a massive fire broke out late at night due to leakage in L.P,G cylinder at a sweet workshop in Kanpur. The fire spread quickly due to presence of highly inflammable substances such as oil, ghee etc., at the workshop.

30 January: Bhavesh Yasoda (47) was killed while two others were critically injured after a container fell on them while working at Narmada cement factory at Amreli, Gujarat.

30 January: Amar Panda (42) a contract worker in the housekeeping department of the Rourkela Steel Plant was killed after a heavy iron plate crushed him. The PSU is infamous for endangering the lives of contract workers, last year four contractor workers were killed of asphyxiation at the factory.

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