Workplace Safety Watch – May 2020

On May 6, Paresh Parekh (50), a worker at a food processing company at Vadodara died upon suffering a head injury when the company’s faulty dryer machine broke and hit him while conducting a food maintenance test.

On May 22, a mess worker at AIIMS Delhi, died of Covid 19 after being refused to be tested when he asked for an examination. According to the Resident Doctors Association, the hostel superintendent tried to frame the death as a “possible cardiac event”. The Association is demanding the superintendent and the hostel warden’s resignation. The demands also include regular screening and provision of sanitisers and masks for mess workers’ safety.

On May 24., a worker (45) posted at the coronavirus ward at the KEM municipal hospital in Maharashtra, died after being denied leave even after exhibiting symptoms. The Class III and IV employees and medical staff protested against their working conditons and demanded compensation and a job for his family.

On May 21., bodies of nine migrant workers were recovered from a well in a gunny bag manufacturing godown in Warangal. The deceased were Mohd Maqsood, his wife Nisha, their daughter Busra and their sons, Shabaz and Sohail, a three year old son and three others. They had migrated from West Bengal in search of work and were residing in the factory.

On May 26, Ambika PK (46), died of Covid 19 at Safarjung hospital Delhi. The colleagues say that the hospital made nurses reuse personal protective equipment while the doctors were given fresh PPE. The hospital owner, doctor RN Kalra, has denied all allegations.

On May 27, Shatrughan Pardhan (28), of Odisha was beaten to death by four men at Doraha, Punjab when he refused to sell them alcohol at 11 pm in the night. A case of murder has been registered.

On May 16, a loco pilot at Bokaro steel plant died of deep burn injuries from a high voltage shock after coming in contact with a 25,000 KV wire that was broken after a heavy storm. A few days apart, three workers became unconscious from a nitrogen gas leak while a transformer was being installed and in a separate case, two workers suffered burn injuries while working on a live electrical line, all in Bokaro steel plant in the span of a month.

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