USA: General Motors and United Auto Workers sign settlement after 33-day long strike

USA: General Motors and United Auto Workers sign settlement after 33-day long strike

17 October 2019: Over 49,000 striking workers of General Motors (GM) returned to work on 17 October 2019 after a successful 33-day strike. Workers striking under the banner of United Auto Workers Union were demanding full-time work for temporary workers, better health insurance, revision in wages and a commitment from GM to invest in the US.

In the recently ratified collective bargaining agreement GM has promised $7.7 billion investment in U.S. manufacturing and to create or retain about 9,000 jobs over four years, revised wages for all workers and a plan to regularise temporary workers.

Sri Lanka: Striking rail workers demand repair of defective railway engines and railway lines

09 October 2019: Locomotive Engine Drivers Union, Drivers Union, Station Masters Union, Supervising Managers and Guards Union together went on strike on 26 September 2019 against old and defective railway engines and railway lines which have become a serious safety threat for workers and passengers alike. Over 3000 striking workers are also demanding an end to the fines imposed on loco pilots in case of accidents caused by faulty engines. Government called retired railway workers to work and declared railways essential services so that it could invoke the Public Safety Act on the striking workers to stifle the protest.

Japan: UberEats workers from union

03 October 2019: Workers of UberEats the food delivery arm of taxi service Uber which employs over 15,000 food delivery workers in Japan have formed a union to oppose their wrongful classification as self-employed contractors. The union has put forth its demand for review of distance calculation metrics used by Uber to determine wages, action against arbitrary suspension of account and health insurance for all workers.

Netherlands: Court orders compensation to workers rendered jobless due to shift in company’s base

03 October 2019: The Dutch Labour Authority (UWV) ruled in favour of the 15 pilots and 16 cabin crew members who were retrenched after aircraft carrier Ryanair decided to shift their base from the city of Eindhoven. The court held that Ryanair had no legal grounds to dismiss workers and it must pay compensation in accordance with national labour law. Workers who were wrongfully retrenched will receive their full wages backdated to the closure of the base, plus six months’ wages in additional compensation.

Pakistan: News Agency retrenches services of over 150 journalists

02 October 2019: ARY News and AAJ News arbitrarily terminated 150 journalists on 1 October 2019. Pakistan’s media houses are targeting unionized workers in the name of downsizing their workforce to be able to hire workers on contract and lower wages. Last month TV news company Dunya News had retrenched 200 journalists in a similar fashion.

Norway: Food delivery workers’ union gets recognition, signs collective bargaining agreement with Foodora

1 October 2019: The month-long strike of workers of app based food delivery service called Foodora has yielded in favour of the union. Delivery workers who were wrongly classified as independent contractors have been recognized as workers as per collective agreement who will be entitled to paid leave, health benefits and early retirement schemes. The agreement will also bring a raise of NOK 15,000 (USD1643) per year for full time workers. To garner popular public support workers put up a tent offering free food, cycling repair and biking advice to people.

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