US: 48,000 workers of General Motors strike work for better working conditions

Greece: Workers hold countrywide general strike against proposed changes in labour laws

24 September 2019: Ships, trains, buses did not ply while offices remained shut across Greece as workers struck work against Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s proposed changes in labour laws which would amend rules for calling a strike, allow non-implementation of collective working agreements under some conditions and set up an online registry of trade unions. The government has also proposed a National Programme for Simplification of Procedure to ensure fast-track licensing for major investments and disciplinary action against workers who delay permissions. Trade unions have announced wider and joint action in coming days if the government doesn’t roll back the online registration rule which is aimed at increasing government snooping and surveillance of trade union activities.

US: 48,000 workers of General Motors strike work, demand share in profit

16 September 2019: Over 48,000 workers of General Motors (GM) have struck work demanding better pay and working conditions under the banner of United Auto Workers (UAW) union. Real wages of GM workers has fallen 16% since 1990. To stifle the strike management discontinued worker’s healthcare contributions on 18 September 2019. Negotiations between the union and management are underway.

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