Home based garment workers entitled to Provident Fund, rules Supreme Court

Delhi: High Court upholds ₹20,000 per month minimum wages for nurses

26 July 2019: Ruling in favour of the Delhi Government, Delhi High Court upheld the Government Order to fix the minimum wage of nurses in the state at ₹20,000 per month. The Association of Healthcare Providers (India) had appealed against the GO stating that it was ‘unreasonable’ and it would add to the burden of private hospitals with less than 50 beds. The Court took the view that the wages were justified and ordered for its immediate implementation.

Home based garment workers entitled to Provident Fund, rules Supreme Court

24 July 2019: Reversing the 2012 order of the Bombay High Court, the Supreme Court held that garment workers working from home were also entitled to Employees Provident Fund (EPF). The Apex Court held that working off site does not deprive workers of the status of employee of the company and ordered the company Godavari Garments Limited, a subsidiary of Marathwada Development Corporation of the Maharashtra Government to deposit Rs.15.97 Lakhs as PF dues of women workers for the period November 1979 to February 1991.

Calcutta High Court orders government to pay contract teachers equivalent to assistant teachers

05 July 2019: In a matter between 11 contract teachers versus the West Bengal Government, the Calcutta High Court ordered in favour of the contract teachers and directed the government to pay the contract teachers on  par with Assistant Teachers of Secondary Schools run by the government.

Contract teachers are currently paid ₹8,000 per month while the wages of assistant teacher stands at ₹14,500 per month. The judgement will affect the wages of around 1,50,000 contract teachers employed at over 16,000 secondary schools in the state.

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