Sanitation: 4 contract sanitation workers, Rameshwar Heramsingh (45), Satyanarayan Singh (40), Vishwanath Singh (32), Ramnath Singh (48) died and Pareshnath Singh (49) got severely injured in Mumbai when the crane pulley being used to haul up the workers from 9 metre deep manhole snapped on 1 January.

3 sanitation workers, Madegowda, Narayanaswamy and Srinivas died due to asphyxiation in Bengaluru on 7 January.

Manufacturing: Bhuvaneshwari Adimulam (20), a temporary garment worker died at a Thirupur based Knitwear factory on 3 January when her head and hand got stuck in a machine while she was working the night shift.

A fire broke out in the basement of a three storied illegal firecracker storage unit in the industrial area of Bawana in Delhi on 20 January 2018 resulting in the death of 17 workers, out of which 10 were women.  Around 50 workers were trapped inside the unit, and a majority of the deaths were caused by burns while a few died after inhaling toxic fumes. The factory was registered as Chanana Polymer, for manufacturing plastic raw material.  The building had only one exit and two fire extinguishers which the workers did not know how to use.

Arun Singh (32), a contract worker at the Ambuja Cement Ltd, of the LafargeHolcim group, died due to an electrical malfunction in the wagon loading machine on 27 January 2018. The technical problem in the machine was reported a few days before the accident but the work were directed to resume work on the machine after minor repairs on 25 January 2018.

Construction: Sonu Singh Saini (31), a mechanic at the Metro construction site in Bengaluru died on 13 January after a speeding truck crashed into a container shed in which he was sleeping.

S Munna Ooren, a construction worker from Jharkhand died at a construction site in Crompet, Tamil Nadu on 16 January after slipping and falling from the 9th floor.

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