Delhi High Court sets aside Minimum Wage hike

Supreme Court rules in favour of lecturers, raps government for creating job insecurity

18 August 2018: The bench of Justice Kurian Joseph and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul while considering the plea of a Mumbai University lecturer pulled the government for creating job insecurity and denying rightful wages to lecturers by artificially creating break in service.

In the matter pertaining to 1976, Maharashtra government had changed the service conditions of lecturers due to change in required qualifications for holding the post and re-appointed several lecturers as teachers in state junior collages.  The date of relieving of duty as lecturer and re-appointment as teachers had a one-day break which the Maharashtra government cited as a break in service to deny lecturers their due grade pay.

Supreme Court order sets aside the earlier Bombay High Court in favour of Maharashtra government, stating that the government should not create job insecurity for teachers who dedicate their life for educating future generations.

Delhi High Court sets aside notification which raised Minimum Wages in the state

4 August 2018:  A bench of Acting Chief Justice Geeta Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar, while hearing the plea of employer’s association bodies set aside the March, 2017 Minimum Wage notification of Delhi government which had led to around 50% hike in the wages of workers.

The bench observed that the Minimum Wage Committee did not have adequate representation of employers and employer bodies, did not follow lawful procedures and acted in haste in raising minimum wages.

The incumbent government has decided that it will follow minimum wages notified by the Centre, rather than reverting the wages to the old rates which are considerably lower than the wages notified in March last year.

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