Delhi government does away with labour contractors

Labour Ministry proposes amendment in the Trade Union Act, 1926

21 July 2018: The Labour Ministry has proposed amendments to the Trade Union Act, 1926. The amendments would allow registration of federation of unions at the state level. Presently, there is provision of recognition of Trade Union confederations is limited at the central level. There are 13 recognised Central Trade Unions in India at present. Suggestions and comments on the proposed draft can be sent to the Ministry by 10 August 2018.

Assam: Government employees to face wage cuts for not taking care of dependent parents, disabled siblings

30 July 2018: Assam government as promulgated the Assam Employees’ Parents Responsibility and Norms for Accountability and Monitoring Bill, 2017 which mandates state employees to take care of their dependent parents and disabled sibling(s). The state has put clauses of deducting salary of up to 15% of those employees who fail to take ‘good’ care of their dependent parents and disabled sibling(s). A similar bill for MLAs, MPs and employees of PSUs is being deliberated upon.

Central Trade Unions Boycott Labour Ministry’s consultation process

24 July 2018: All Central Trade Unions, except BMS have boycotted Labour Ministry’s tripartite consultation on the Labour Code on Social Security citing that no cognizance has been taken of suggestions made earlier and that the government was doing a formality of holding these meetings. The CTUs sent a joint letter to the ministry notifying that they have had a similar experience in all consultations held in regard of the Labour Codes and have decided to keep out of all further meetings till their suggestions are considered seriously.

Kerala: Government amends Shops and Establishments Act, allows women to work night shifts

15 July 2018: Kerala government has proposed amendments to the Shops and Establishments Act, 1960 which will allow women to work night shifts. As of now, women cannot be employed between 7pm and 6 am. The amendment also includes a clause directing employers to make arrangements for women to sit during working hours in showrooms and retail textile /garment shops. Employers employing women during night shifts will also have to provide transport to the workers.

Delhi: Government to directly hire contract workers

19 July 2018: Delhi government’s labour panel has recommended doing away with labour contractors, labour agencies and middlemen in hiring of contract workers. The panel noted that it the present system of outsourcing of personnel leads to non-payment of provident fund and other allowances besides incurring different charges and taxes. It also recommended the government to hire more labour welfare officers so that the implementation of the provisions of Contract Labour (Abolition and Regulation) can be ensured.

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